Wednesday, December 17, 2008


FOLK - 20

Baskery / Fall Among Thieves

Ben Weaver / The Ax In The Oak

Billy Bragg  / Mr Love and Justice 

Bob Frank and John Murry  / World Without End 

Bowerbirds / Hymns For A Dark Horse

C.R. Avery / Magic Hour Sailor Songs

Castanets / City of Refuge

Dean Owens / Whisky Hearts

Death Vessel  / Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us 

Emily Jane White / Dark Undercoat

Joan Baez / Day After Tomorrow

Karine Polwart / This Earthly Spell

Kirsty McGee  / The Kansas Sessions 

Kris Drever, John McCusker, Roddy Woomble / Before The Ruin

Loudon Wainwright III  / Recovery

Mary Hampton / My Mother's Children

Micah Blue Smaldone / The Red River

Mr. David Viner / Among The Rumours And The Rye

Peter Bruntnell / Peter And the Murder Of Crows

White Hinterland  / Phylactery Factory

Bellowhead / Matachin

Dengue Fever / Venus On Earth

Dub Colossus / A Town Called Addis

Duhks / Fast Paced World

Ersi Arvizu / Friend For Life

Max Pashm / Never Mind The Balkans

Orchestra Imperial / Carnaval So Ano Que Vem

Transglobal Underground / Moonshout

Various Artists / Big Blue Ball

PSYCH - 25

Black Mountain  / In The Future

Blitzen Trapper / Furr

Bodies Of Water  / A Certain Feeling

Brain Police / Beyond The Wasteland 

Danava / UnonoU

Donkeys, The / Living On The Other Side

EVANGELICALS / The Evening Descends

Festival / Come, Arrow, Come

Grails / Doomsdayer's Holiday

Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh / Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh

Hobotalk / Alone Again Or

Howlin Rain / Magnificent Fiend

Howling Hex, The / Earth Junk

Impossible Shapes, The / Give Away Music For Free

Kelley Stoltz/ Circular Sounds 

Lights / Lights

Oneida / Preteen Weaponry

Phosphorescent / Pride

Pontiac / Sun On Sun

Silver Summit / Silver Summit

Sound Of Animals Fighting, The / The Ocean And The Sun

Spectrum meets Captain Memphis / Indian Giver

Sun City Girls & J Spaceman / OST. - Mister Lonely

TK Webb and the Visions / Ancestor

Xavier Rudd / Dark Shades of Blue


Chico Hamilton  / Hamiltonia

Curios / Closer

Fujiya & Miyagi / Lightbulbs

Mike Monday / Songs Without Words (Part 1)

Nitin Sawhney / London Undersound

Pete Philly & Perquisite / Mystery Repeats

Polar Bear  / Polar Bear 

Rithma / Sex Sells

Tony Kofi / The Silent Truth

Various Artists / Sounds of Om - Volume 6


Camper Van Beethoven / Popular Songs of Great Enduring Strength And Beauty

Chet Baker  / Let's Get Lost 

Jack Bruce  / Can You Follow 

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians  / Luminous Groove 

Various Artists / AUTEUR LABELS les disques du crepuscule

Various Artists / AUTEUR LABELS object music

Various Artists / I'll Give You My Heart, I'll Give You My Heart ~ The Cherry Red Singles Collection 

Various Artists / Plum (10*7")

Various Artists / The Imus Ranch Record

Various Artists / This Is Navigator Records

Daniel Lanois / Here Is What Is

Great Crusades, The / Key To The City

Julian Cope / Copeulation

Mono  / The Sky Remains The Same As Ever

Names, The / Nightshift

Norah Jones / Live From Austin TX

Silver Jews / Silver Jew

Various Artists / a factory night (once again)

Various Artists / Encyclopedia Asthmatica Vol. 1

Willard Grant Conspiracy  / Bear Witness 



Baby Dee / Safe Inside The Day

Buttless Chaps, The  / Cartography

Chad Vangaalen / Soft Airplaine 

Crale & The Reasons / The Movie 

Damien Jurado / Caught In The Trees

Echo Heights, The  / Your Fortune As Told By The Stars 

Grampall Jookabox / Ropechain

Heloise & The Savoir Faire  / Trash, Rats and Microphones 

High Places / High Places

Jeremy Enigk / The Missing Link 

Kaki King / Dreaming Of Revenge

Kellarissa / Flamingo

Laki Mera  / Clutter

Langhorne Slim / Langhorne Slim

Legendary Pink Dots, The / Plutonium Blonde

Mar / The Silence

Mia Vigar / True Adventures Happen Inside Your Head 

Mistys Big Adventure / Television's People

MK-O / Unreel

Modey Lemon / Season of Sweets

My Brightest Diamond  / A Thousand Shark's Teeth

Oxford Collapse  / Bits 

Rykarad Parasol  / Our Hearts First Meet

School of Language / Sea From Shore #

Scott Matthew / Scott Matthew

Sea and Cake, The / Car Alarm

Sun Kill Moon / April

Wolf Parade  / At Mount Zoomer

Xiu Xiu / Women As Lovers (Ltd Ed)

Young and Sexy / The Arc


(International) Noise Conspiracy, The / The Cross Of My Calling

Bellrays, The / Hard Sweet and Sticky

Brother JT3 / Jelly Roll Gospel

Catfish Haven / Devastator

Cut In The Hill Gang / Hung Up

Datsuns, The / Headstunts

Fleshtones, The / Take A Good Look 

Johnson Family  / No Forwarding Address

Ladyhawk / Shots

Monkeywrench / Gabriels Horn

Mudhoney / The Lucky Ones

Novillero / A Little Tradition 

Pack A.D. / Tintype

Ramblin' Ambassadors, The / Vista Cruiser Country Squire 

Richard Swift / Richard Swift as Onasis

Simply Saucer  / Half Human, Half Live 

Surgens, The / Misadventures of A Broken Man 

The Baseball Project (Steve Wynn, Scott McCaughey, Linda Pitmon, Peter Buck) / Vol 1: Frozen Ropes A

Vancougar / Canadian Tuxedo

Vines, The / Melodia



Atmosphere / When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold (deluxe ltd)

Black Spade / To Serve With Love

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The / Down In New Orleans

Dr. John and the Lower 911 / The City That Care Forgot

Galactic / From the Corner To the Block

Giant Panda / Electric Laser

J Boogie's Dubtronic Science / Soul Vibration

Jake One / White Van Music

Johnson & Jonson / Johnson & Jonson

Lyrics Born / Everywhere At Once

Mavis Staples / Live: Hope At The Hideout (Ltd)

Michael Franti & Spearhead / All Rebel Rockers

Rashann Ahmad / The Push

Ruthie Foster / The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster

Various Artists / Rich Man's War


AVANT - 15

Black Carrot / Drink The Black Forest 

Boredoms / Super Roots 9

David Grubbs / An Optimist Notes the Dusk

Drumbo / City Of Refuge

Eksi Ekso  / I am Your Bastard Wings 

Indian Jewelry / Free Gold!

LA JR / 17 Animales

Mahjongg / Kontpab

Man Man / Rabbit Habits

Moris Tepper / Stingray In The Heart

Pit er Pat / High Time

Ponytail / Ice Cream Spiritual

Singer / Unhistories

This Will Destroy You / This Will Destroy You 

Wilderness / (k)no(w)here


Americana - 20

Chris Eckman / Last Side Of The Mountain

Daniel Lanois / Here Is What It Is

Drive- By Truckers  / Brighter Than Creation's Day 

Felice Brothers, The / The Felice Brothers

Gary Louris & Mark Olson / Ready For The Flood

Giant Sand / Provisions

Gutter Twins, The / Saturnalia

Hugo Race & the True Spirit / The 53d State

Hyacinth House / Black Crow’s Country

Iguanas, The  / If You Should Ever Fall On Hard Times

Jolie Holland / The Living And The Dead

Okkervil River / The Stand Ins

Randall Bramblett / Now It’s Tomorrow

Silver Jews / Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Steve Wynn / Crossing Dragon Bridge

Thalia Zedek Band / Liars and Prayers

War On Drugs, The / Wagonwheel Blues

Watson Twins, The   / Fire Songs

Willard Grant Conspiracy / Pilgrim Road

Woven Hand / Ten Stones


POP - 30

American Music Club / The Golden Age

American Princes / Other People

Angela Desveaux / Mighty Ship

Benji Hughes / A Love Extreme

Brian Eno / David Byrne / Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Charlatans, The / You Cross My Path (Ltd Ed)

David Vandervelde / Waiting For The Sunrise

DeVotchKa / A Mad And Faithful Telling

Drive-By Argument / Drive-By Argument

Explorers Club, The / Freedom Wind

Frida Hyvonen / Silence Is Wild

Greg Laswell / Three Flights from Aldo Nido

Head Like A Kite / There Is Loud Laughter Everywhere

Helio Sequence  / Keep Your Eyes Ahead 

Hot  Puppies / Blue Hands 

Jeremy Jay / A Place Where We Could Go

Merz / Moi et Mon Camion

Occasional Keepers, The / true north

Parts & Labor / Receivers

Pelle Carlberg / Lilac Time

Pictures and Sound / Pictures and Sound

Roses Kings Castles  / Roses Kings Castles

Santogold / Santogold

Sloan / Parallel Play 

The Pierces / Thirteen Tales of Love Revenge

Tim Ten Yen  / Everthing Beautiful Reminds Me Of  You 

Tina Dico  / A Beginning, A Detour, An Open Ending 

Todd Rundgren / Arena

Walkmen, The / You & Me

Washington / Rouge/Noir


PUNK - 10

Apache / Boomtown Germs

I Am Ghost / Those We Leave Behind

I Set My Friends On Fire / You Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter

Less Then Jake / GNV FLA

Lou Lou and the Guitarfish / Lou Lou and the Guitarfish

Millencolin / Machine 15 (Limited Edition)

No Age / Nouns

One Day As A Lion / One Day As A Lion

Pennywise / Reason To Believe

Story Of The Year / The Black Swan

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BLACK CARROT – Drink The Black Forest

Μέρος του "νέου κύματος" του βρετανικού avant/jazz/kraut-rock και νέο μέλος του roster της ενερχόμενης Tin Angel (Polar Bear, Devon Sproul), οι Black Carrot κυκλοφορούν το πρώτο τους άλμπουμ. Το δυναμικό βρετανικό κουιντέτο ακούγεται επιθετικό σαν τους Van Der Graaf Generator, πρωτοποριακό συνθετικά όπως οι Pere Ubu και γήινο και αισθησιακό σαν τους Can. Το "Drink the Black Forest" ακροβατεί ανάμεσα στον αυτοσχεδιασμό και την οργανωμένη σύνθεση με μιά ψυχωτική μανία στην ερμηνεία του Stewart Brackley που το περιοδικό Wire χαρακτήρισε "βασισμένη εξ ολοκλήρου στον τρόπο του Damo Suzuki". "An adventurous improvising group" (Wire).


Ο ήχος που παράγει τόσο η Liz Harris όσο και η Eva Saelens, στις "σπιτικές' τους ηχογραφήσεις, σαν Grouper και Inca Ore αντίστοιχα, είναι ιδιαίτερος, ασυνήθιστος και βαθιά γοητευτικός. Μία θρυλική underground κασέτα, στην οποία μοιράζονταν από είκοσι λεπτά αναλογικού pop θορύβου η καθεμιά τους, επανεκδίδεται τώρα, για πρώτη φορά επίσημα σε CD, αποδίδοντας σε ένα, ολοένα διευρυνόμενο κοινό για τέτοιας φιλοσοφίας ακούσματα, μία στην ουσία ανέκδοτη δουλειά. Στρώματα από λούπες, φωνητικές συνθέσεις και tape hiss σε, ορισμένες στιγμές, απερίγραπτης ομορφιάς pop σκηνικά από δύο δημιουργικά μυαλά του αμερικάνικου diy underground.

MORIS TEPPER– Stingray In The Heart

Ο Morris Tepper είναι, λέει η LA Weekly, κυρίαρχος του δικού του σύμπαντος, όπως ο Captain Beefheart, o Tom Waits, o Frank Black και ο Robyn Hitchcock, με τους οποίους έχει άλλωστε συνεργαστεί σαν κιθαρίστας. Το καινούριο του προσωπικό άλμπουμ έρχεται αμέσως μετά από μία παγκόσμια περιοδεία σαν support της PJ Harvey -αποκαλυπτική εμπειρία για τους τυχερούς που είδαν τη μπάντα του - και πιστοποιεί την ιδιαίτερη περίπτωση του σπουδαίου κιθαρίστα και ως δημιουργού και ηγέτη μιας μπάντας, μέσα από ένα ζεστό avant rock άλμπουμ, ανεξάντλητο σε ιδέες και προσωπικό στην έκφραση, με τη σφραγίδα του παρελθόντος του Tepper και μια ισχυρή νύξη προς το μέλλον. "Moris Tepper's new solo album is a work of art" (The Word).