Monday, December 13, 2010

Zeus - "How Does It Feel?"

From their debut album "Say Us"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dax Riggs

From the album, "Say Goodnight To The World" (2010)

Dax Riggs - Like Moonlight from Russel Fong on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

John Lee Hooker reissues

Η Shout! Factory επανεκδίδει τα δύο κλασικά άλμπουμ του John Lee Hooker "The Healer" και "Mr. Lucky"

“So primal he subsumes all corruption, the old man – he turned 131 in August – accepts as his due ace solos etc. from Robert Cray, Albert Collins, Carlos Santana, Johnny Winter, etc. The rock moves don't impede the groove any more than unaccompanied stomps would, and rarely has he enjoyed a shuffle as definitive as the one Jim Keltner, Nick Lowe, Ry Cooder, and to-the-session-born Johnnie Johnson lay under "This Is Hip." He hasn't released a more thrilling or hypnotic album since he was 112.” A-Robert Christgau - Rolling Stone

The Healer (1989)

Μαζί με τον Carlos Santana, την Bonnie Raitt, τους Los Lobos, τους Canned Heat και άλλους ακόμα guests, το “The Healer” σκαρφάλωσε στα album charts σε όλον τον κόσμο και κέρδισε Grammy Award.


1. Healer 2. I'm In The Mood

3. Baby Lee 4. Cuttin' Out 5. Think Twice Before You Go

6. Sally Mae 7. That's Alright 8. Rockin' Chair 9. My Dream 10. No Substitute

Mr. Lucky (1991)

To “Mr. Luckyθεωρείται από πολλούς το καλύτερο άλμπουμ

των τελευταίων χρόνων της καριέρας

του John Lee Hooker . Συμμετέχουν οι Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Van Morrison, Nick Lowe, Keith Richards και Carlos Santana.


1. I Want To Hug You 2. Mr Lucky 3. Backstabbers 4. This Is Hip 5. I Cover The Waterfront 6. Highway 13 7. Stripped Me Naked 8. Susie 9. Crawlin' Kingsnake 10. Father Was A Jockey

ROBOTS by Dan Mangan official music video directed by Mike Lewis

Από το νέο άλμπουμ του Dan Mangan "Nice, Nice, Very Nice".